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Walking to Waterfall

Discover who you really are.

Forget what you’ve been told about ADHD. It’s not a disorder, it’s not a disability and you aren’t broken. You have a nervous system that is heightened to a different environment and you’re feeling a natural response to a chaotic and industrial world, full of noise, frequencies, information and slow laborious inactive jobs. For some of you, you may be having a continuous reaction to a event that has meant you've never switched off. 


Many people struggling with this labelled term often feel they aren’t in the right place, don’t fit in and are constantly searching for something – Did you ever stop to think you might be right!

It's time to learn a new story. 

As human beings, everything we do has a feeling but for characteristics called ADHD and other nerve related responses, the dial is turned up from 1-3 to 7-10 for people with this way of processing information and emotions. This means taking in too much information or being somewhere else in your mind, with things like time management going out the window. 


When we are put into a situation that threatens us, our nervous system fires chemicals into our bodies to help keep us alive. This is called a ‘flight or fight response’.  With people who have ADHD, this response is constantly at work and we believe is a palaeolithic emotion or ancient ancestral DNA programming that was designed to ensure survival. Theories are being widely explored and researched into the connection of a ‘hunter/gatherer’ concept, which links to the roles of ancient tribes and their genes passed down through society for thousands of years.  For many, it’s not turning it on that’s the issue but controlling it and turning it off that causes the chaos.  


People who carry the gene continue to possess the instincts needed for the success of the human race with a heightened alert system, sharp hunting mindset, ability to switch on and react in seconds, use quick energy bursts and have a greater awareness in nature including sight, smell and, sound and touch. This would have made our ancestors successful hunters, providers, protectors and key innovators that is part of our evolutionary heritage. For some people, this behaviour is stronger than in others when nervous systems are triggered.


These people have been labelled to have ADHD by other humans who do not have the same mindset and like all our historical past bad traits, we often call something that is different ‘wrong’ and here lies the issue. You are not broken and just because you are not be understood, you do not deserve a label for life, with limitations and drugs to make you like part of the population that wants to label you 'normal'. 


It’s time to get to know yourself and be free to live life in the way you were designed to live it. At the same time, you need to learn how to use it in this modern would and calm your nervous system down. 


The Nervous System, Chemicals & Control


The nervous system is heightened due to many factors and is set to super sensitive. Creative daydreaming is a natural place to feel good and being focused is hard work. Batteries run out quickly as you run hard and fast all the time mentally and physically. It’s like running a marathon the way you would run the 100-metre sprint. This creates feeling out of control, fatigue and brain fog as levels are depleted.  It’s a skill needed like a cheetah to take down prey, move quickly out of danger or solve a problem in record time.


The challenge for people labelled with ADHD, is that it’s not being used the right way by yourselves or the modern-day society.  The struggle comes when your prevented from unleashing your energy in the right way or recover when you’ve burnt yourself out. You may not be spending time in the best environments or in nature enough and you’ve not been taught or given the opportunity to nurture your mind, skills, career and ideas to the best of your unique abilities. So, you end up feel angry, confused, frustrated, misunderstood, depresses and alone. The chemicals in your body need to move in nature to reduce and release calming and relaxing chemicals. Your nervous system needs to calm down to be less reactive to the environment and learn it isn’t under threat or attack. Did you also ever question if your usual habits and behaviours like most other people behave, might not actually be right for you? 


If managed via mindfulness, exercise, nutrition, planning and positive habits, the way our minds work can be used to create a creative, innovative and highly powerful mindset. At You Heal, we can help people turn the dial back down and learn to control, process and understand emotions, learning to live in a way that nurtures a positive environment. That does mean it’s slightly different to what you’ve been told most your life. It doesn’t mean medication but for anyone struggling with high levels of concentration or depression, we recommend you speak to your doctor to discuss your options until you’ve learnt the life skills to help live your best life.


If there is one message we want people to hear, it’s that the label ADHD needs to stop being used, people are having normal reactions to a very unnatural world. Sometimes traumas or triggers are involved in your feelings and reactions and it’s important you get specialists support to use your skills as an advantage and be aware of what you need to do or speaking with your doctors if you ever feel out of control. It is normal for you to feel highly emotional if you have been triggered or you are in an unnatural environment and stationary position too long. The triggering is exacerbating a threat response. Once managed, this energy, sharp focus and skill is critical in society to help our success, innovation, problem solving, care and response by people just like you.

Highly Recommended

If you want to learn more about how your mind might be connected to ancestral hunter gatherers - we recommend the audiobook: ADHD: A Hunter in a Farmer’s World, 3rd Edition: A Hunter in a Farmer's World by authors Thom Hartmann and Michael Popkin - narrated by Robin Douglas. 

This book may help you feel more understood and enable you to learn about yourself quickly in a format that works well with your mind. Try it whilst walking, running, gardening or doing chores or DIY around the house. Click the button below for the Audible page. 

At You Heal, we may provide further insights, tools and recommendations to help.  We do not generate or take any payments or have any arrangement in promoting supportive materials. They are not the only source of useful information and we encourage you to explore various sources of information to help answer further questions you may have. 

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